• General Data was founded in 2003 with the intent of providing excellence in IT support and infrastructure service to business. The company continues to work extensively to engage in new business opportunities.
  • General Data has established itself as a source for IT solutions for Small and Medium Enterprise
  • in industries including, Aquaculture, Aviation, Insurance and Financial Services.
  • General Data currently relies on a broad number of technologies to serve the needs of over 500 individuals in 5 Provinces.


General Data was founded in January of 2003. From the beginning the objective was to offer clients in the small-to-medium enterprise sector the same type of solutions and support realized by large enterprise. Clients were typically unable to access support resources with the training and knowledge to allow networks, email, servers and workstations to function as intended. Training and background experience were key elements in allowing the company to “roll-out” solutions and help clients reach their goals. Based in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada we use the latest tools and technology to service customers in the Atlantic Provinces and Ontario. General Data has been in business for over 15 years and continues to thrive in a climate that contains such challenges as competition and tough economy.

About Us

General Data places a great deal of importance on training and experience. Information Technology solutions cannot be deployed efficiently or effectively unless the staff are trained and have some expertise on the subject matter. General Data has a staff of four: the Director and three Technical Support Analysts. All three Technical Support Analysts have completed their education at a quality post-secondary institution, namely the EET Program at the New Brunswick Community College. Before an individual can become a technical support analyst with General Data all candidates are screened for minimum level of competency and interviewed to determine their interest and aptitude for the subject matter. Training and development are ongoing; staff remain up-to-date on technology and deployment scenarios by spending time in the Demo Lab at the office in Saint John, NB. General Data is also Part of the Microsoft Partner network, which allows us to remain up-to-date on software and technology.The Director of General Data, James D. Hoyt, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick. Prior to entering the field of Information Technology Mr. Hoyt completed a Post-Secondary E-Commerce Business Solutions program and holds three Microsoft Certifications.


In order to deploy solutions efficiently and effectively, General Data has invested time and resources in several internal systems required for the business to operate. Simply put, staying organized and efficient while managing requests from 500+ individuals is not possible without the introduction of the following systems:

  • A Time & Billing Application with a mobile app that posts updates in real-time
  • A multi-featured Remote Technical Support application for hands-free remote tech support
  • A Network Monitoring dashboard
  • An Antivirus Monitoring Dashboard
  • Expertise with the primary enterprise email solutions namely Microsoft® Office 365®
  • Expertise with the Microsoft® Azure® Cloud Services Portal

General Data uses all of the above tools on a daily basis in order to serve the needs of clients from Toronto, ON to St. Albans, NL and many places in between.

Client Base

The client base is currently composed primarily of clients on fixed-monthly-fee arrangements. The client base is composed of approximately 24 clients in the following industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance – Brokers and Provincial Insurance Brokers
  • Research Centers
  • Accounting
  • Aviation
  • Retail
  • Corporate and Commercial Lawyers
  • Veterinary Services
  • Mobile and Handheld support
  • Microsoft® Exchange® Server Migration
  • Virtual Machine / Cloud Computing
  • Software & SQL Database Deployment and Support
  • Insurance – Brokers and Provincial Insurance Brokers
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Machining and Manufacturing
  • Aquaculture
  • Ski & Leisure
  • Healthcare
  • Design & Consulting Engineers
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipalities
  • Education

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At General Data the operating philosophy has always been to develop a vision and a process for clients, determine if the technology is available and then place the technology in motion. General Data develops a business case for clients and therefore can justify costs and capital expenditure by illustrating how good choices will lead to increased productivity


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Are you getting the most out
of your Information Technology?

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