Serving Clients in a Broad Range of Industries

Why Work With Us?

General Data has a diverse client base spanning multiple industries in both he business, commercial and light industrial sectors. All interested parties are offered an on-site assessment at no cost of obligation. General Data will always follow up with a proposal in which we put forth recommendations based on the facts and demonstrate a cost-benefit analysis. A visit to our demo lab offers you a tour of the technology we employ and how it all seamlessly fits together. General Data engages with clients on an ad-hoc and fixed monthly fee arrangements. Our base is composed of clients in the following industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance – Brokers and Provincial Insurance Brokers
  • Research Centers
  • Accounting
  • Aviation
  • Retail
  • Corporate and Commercial Lawyers
  • Veterinary Services
  • Mobile and Handheld support
  • Microsoft® Exchange® Server Migration
  • Virtual Machine / Cloud Computing
  • Software & SQL Database Deployment and Support
  • Insurance – Brokers and Provincial Insurance Brokers
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Machining and Manufacturing
  • Aquaculture
  • Ski & Leisure
  • Healthcare
  • Design & Consulting Engineers
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipalities
  • Education

If you are interested in an on-site assessment at no cost or obligation, then why not get in touch. Contact us at any time by emailing or call our office at (506) 638-1400.