IT Consulting

The role of IT Consultant has evolved over the years. As the use of PC’s has become more common in all places of business, so too has the need for an “IT Guy”. We recognized the need for quality solutions very early on and built a business on offering service and value to all clients regardless of size. An IT Consultant is someone who knows and understands some of the more complex topics at play in an office, commercial or industrial environment. For instance, a qualified IT Consultant understands Microsoft Active Directory, DNS, DHCP (server and reservations), what an MX record is, how to find IP’s, how to configure a smart switch and why as well as topics relating to WiFi, cellular etc… The role of IT Consultant goes beyond simply setting PC’s up, getting a printer to work or configuring WiFi on a smartphone. A qualified IT Consultant has a grasp of all the layers of technology and understands how the pieces fit together.

The Layers of Technology

In any environment from a small office or larger commercial or industrial setting, there are layers of technology at work, each dependent on the previous: TCP/IP relies on the physical layer (Ethernet cabling), the operating system relies on TCP/IP, Software Relies on the Operating System etc… A qualified IT Professional knows that in order for systems to function, each layer of technology must work properly and thus can identify problems before they happen.

Outsourcing IT Support v. Hiring Staff

Some companies reach a point where they consider hiring an individual to occupy the role on a full-time basis. We recommend considering a complimentary, no obligation assessment from General Data prior to making any staffing decisions. There are a few points to consider prior to hiring full-time IT Staff:

  • A company may hire 1 individual to work full-time, if you hire General Data you have access to multiple individuals at any time
  • Whereas General Data has multiple staff, there are no blackout periods for vacation or time off due to illness
  • The skill set of full-time staff in an IT Consulting role do not necessarily evolve as the technology evolves
  • Full time employees need to be provided with a desk, space, phones etc…
  • Hiring full time also means the encumbrances as well (EI, CPP, Benefits, Vacation Pay etc…)


"Do the staff at General Data possess any sort of Qualifications?"

Yes. Any individual seeking employment with General Data must have completed a qualifying program at a recognized post-secondary institution. The technical support analysts at General Data have all completed the EET Program at the New Brunswick Community College in Saint John, NB.

"As an IT Consultant, can you manage IT solutions for a customer if you are not there full-time?"

Yes. General Data will normally alleviate any issues by first conducting a no-obligation, on-site assessment. The assessment is always offered on a complimentary basis.

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