Mobile Computing Expertise

Mobile computing remains a major IT topic for any enterprise, large or small. Traditionally, issuing notebook PC’s to staff and incorporating the technology necessary to allow them to access the workplace remotely was a costly and complicated venture. Now the cost and availability of VPN, Notebook and mobile computing solutions make Mobile Computing a viable option for enterprise of any size. In order to better understand how mobile computing can be put to use for you or your company, we need to understand what the topic involves and how it has evolved.

What is Mobile Computing?

Mobile computing is the ability to work outside the office. General Data recommends this for any client as it represents a shift in strategy that allows staff to become un-tethered from their desk and thus operate outside the office. Many clients indicate that they could get more done in the course of a work week if staff could be dispatched to work in the field and complete tasks while on site at their own customer locations, while travelling or working from home etc…Mobile computing can be defined as setting up technology to allow staff at your company to work “on the road” or at any location outside the office. The concept begins by member would be assigned a notebook PC thus granting them “mobility” and the ability to work while outside the office. At this juncture there are several pieces of technology that are missing. The following aspects are still required in order to implement an effective strategy:

  • The ability to connect to the office remotely
  • The ability to establish secure, two-way communication with the (main) office
  • A server or workstation to run remotely.
  • The services of an individual to swap media and rotate it offsite (the “Backup Operator”)

The conventional approach was typically cumbersome, prone to errors and lacked suitable guarantees against loss. Furthermore, the task had to be delegated to an individual who would assume responsibility for the tapes or external hard disk drives.

The contemporary approach is to configure a cloud-based backup solution. Cloud based backup relies on an agent installed on the server or workstation which automatically backs-up data to a cloud-based vault and does so according to the backup schedule.