SQL Server Help

SQL Server in Small-and-Medium Enterprise generally refers to Microsoft SQL Server or simply “Sequel” or “SQL”. While the term may not be familiar, it is likely something that your and your co-workers have used in the past. SQL Server, it’s use, the cost associated with it and how it is managed can be a subject of significant importance for any enterprise, large or small.

What is SQL Server?

Suppose there is a software program in use in your enterprise. Perhaps this is the primary piece of software you use every day (what we generally refer to as your Primary Line-of-Business application). For Insurance brokers, it may be The Agency Manager or The Underwriters Workstation. Manufacturing facilities use a program called Syspro. Bank Trustees in Canada often use a program called Ascend to administer bankrupt estates. In any case, these software programs, aside from having forms and data entry windows, require a means to store information such as customer names and addresses. Many clients indicate that they could get more done in the course of a work week if staff could be dispatched to work in the field and complete tasks while on site at their own customer locations, while travelling or working from home etc…SQL Server can be defined as setting up technology to allow staff at your company to work “on the road” or at any location outside the office. The concept begins by member would be assigned a notebook PC thus granting them “mobility” and the ability to work while outside the office. At this juncture there are several pieces of technology that are missing.