Work from Home and Link Remote Offices using VPN

Many clients wish to be able to work from a home office or link their remote offices together. The ability to do so is provided by Virtual Private Network or VPN technology. Long established by larger-cap companies, VPN has now become commonplace and is in use by staff of all types of companies and organizations large and small. VPN is a means of establishing secure, encrypted “two-way” communications between you and your office (commonly referred to as a “road-warrior”) configuration or configure a link between offices (a “Gateway to Gateway”) VPN Connection.

Working from Home

General Data can get you setup to work from home…all that is required is a Highspeed Internet connection. We install a VPN router at your office and configure your laptop or desktop computer to connect to it securely using Windows built-in VPN client. Do you want to have a fully functioning home office complete with the ability to scan and print, plus access to network folders? No problem. We install a teleworker gateway and thus establish a permanent, secure two-way link between offices.

Connecting Any and All of Your Remote Offices

Some clients have more than one office. If you have multiple locations and want to connect all the offices together, you may want to establish Gateway to Gateway VPN connections or what we call a “Mesh-Network”. Once all the offices are meshed together, people in any office can send print jobs to different printers, share documents on server drives and everyone can use software and applications located centrally.


ABC Insurance Company has 40 employees and is located in Saint John, New Brunswick. There are 3 employees who work outside the office; 2 reside in Moncton and work from home while one is often on the road. General Data furnishes this client with a VPN router at their main office. We then install a mini-router or teleworker gateway at the home office of the two employees in Moncton. These individuals can now access software and files at the main office using a secure, two-way connection that is always on. The individual who works on the road has connects to the home office with the click of a button; we configured a VPN connection using the VPN Client built into windows.


“Do I need Highspeed Internet to get VPN Working?”

Yes. Highspeed is required in order to allow this to work. A “Static-IP” was at one time required from your Internet service provider although in order to set this up but now VPN can be done without it.

“I am a laptop user, can I do this using Wireless or WiFi?”

Yes. VPN is designed to allow mobile users who carry notebook PC or a Microsoft Surface® the ability to connect to your place of business remotely. The concept allows a mobile user to connect to the office while operating in a public WiFi hotspot or if connected to the Internet using Mobile Cellular.

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