Project Management

General Data has conducted project management on several occasions…overseeing the renovation and commissioning of new office space, multimedia training facilities and small-scale datacentre deployments. The key to project management is understanding that as project manager, people rely on you for information to make business decisions. With that in mind you have to have a vision for the entire process and set expectations accordingly. An overview of the process that we follow is outlined in the following paragraphs.

The Process

Project management begins with a vision and the vision revolves around you: what do you want to accomplish and how do you envision working in the space. From this, we can come up with a long-list of requirements and based on budget and time, the items can then be short-listed and developed into a plan. General Data will then put the plan into effect.

Example – Office Moves

Office Moves are a prime example of how General Data has applied its ability to manage projects. Typically, an office move has to take place as seamlessly as possible; the client generally wants to be up-and-running on a certain date with as little downtime as possible. In an office environment, computers are almost always involved and as such the task of working around the moves schedule, packing up PC’s, storage (however temporary), relocation and re-installation must be managed with efficiency and effectiveness. The subject of Highspeed Internet always arises; one must ensure that the Internet is installed at the target location. Other factors include moving the server and firewall and timing both such that the staff spend a minimum amount of time offline. General Data has undertaken the role of project manager on a number of moves and we have realized a great deal of success in doing so.

Example – Renovations

Clients will opt to undergo renovations of new or existing premises in order to meet business requirements, including:

  • Making room for expansion
  • Making better use of existing space
  • Renovating proposed target space prior to relocation
  • Renovating premises in order to repurpose the space

Renovations require planning from the conceptual stage through to final walk-through and move-in.


General Data takes a great deal of pride in successful deployment of workstations. The key to success is to remain organized, particularly with the deployment of a large quantity of workstations. An overview of the steps is as follows:

    PC workstations are lined up in the laboratory
  • Record is made of each unit, including make, model and serial number
  • Records are produced to indicate which user each PC is intended for
  • PC’s are booted and assigned a hostname
  • Antivirus Software is loaded
  • Each PC is joined to the domain (if applicable) then logged on as the user
    • Note: this is accomplished by way of a gateway to gateway VPN tunnel
  • Remaining line of business (L.O.B.) applications are loaded
    • Software tools and utilities are used if there are numerous applications to be loaded
  • The PC’s are physically labelled with a hostname and the users name
  • PC’s are re-packaged and shipped or delivered to the client for rollout
    • If the customer already has a workstation then due care is taken to migrate data and settings from the old workstation to the new one
  • Any PC’s being decommissioned have their hard disk drives removed and wiped.

Renovations require planning from the conceptual stage through to final walk-through and move-in.


General Data has gathered together a number of cloud-based enterprise management tools and created a system for day-to-day desktop management operations. From our office in Saint John, New Brunswick, over 500 desktop and notebook PC’s are managed in locations ranging from Toronto, Ontario to St. Alban’s, Newfoundland and all points in between. Remote desktop support, Internet Traffic Monitoring and Antivirus Administration are all handled by qualified technicians from one central location. When necessary we dispatch technicians to locations for on-site technical support.

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