Software Implementation

The task of Software Implementation goes beyond simply inserting the media into the disk drive and having an installation key on hand. The subject can be complex and as with any aspect of IT support, can have an impact on throughput and productivity. The services of a qualified IT professional can help make software implementation, or in many cases, software “rollouts” a success.

How do we define “Implementation”?

Software Implementation means the act of moving to a new software program used to run your business or run an aspect of your business. The process involves selecting, acquiring, installing and then training users. In many cases, the move may be to a new form of accounting software or a time-and-billing app. In other cases, it may be a customer service knowledge base or, lately, reporting tools used to mine data and report on new key areas of your business.


Strategy Engineering Services (the “Client”) has 3 senior individuals, a bookkeeper and 8 associate staff who act as field technicians and create CAD drawings. Presently, the associate staff are assigned work and record their time on paper timesheets. Timesheets are supposed to be submitted at the end of the week. Management would like to have up-to-date reporting available on their computers and not have to send email messages to staff requesting timesheets to create and send invoices. Ideally the staff would be able to record their time and any notes via the laptop and/or a mobile phone app and the information would be up to date automatically. Because the client relies on this information in order to bill and gain revenue, this is viewed as a particularly sensitive, critical part of the operation. General Data plays an important role in resolving these types of issues. We begin by discussing the matter with senior management and staff. As per usual, we need to look at the “big picture” and determine what will work for the customer. We ask what they have for computing resources, mobile devices and network. What does the client have for bandwidth? This can have an impact on whether we opt for a client-server application or whether a cloud-based app is more appropriate. We also assess the viability of relying on different software manufacturers for technical support. Whether or not the manufacturer offers little or no technical support in the “post purchase” period can have a major impact on the success or failure of the implementation and thus is a major factor that must be taken into account. Once all of this information has been compiled and reviewed, General Data will download and install trial copies of any candidate software programs in our Demo Lab and book time with the client to review. Ultimately, we will settle on software that is the best fit for the client, install a test copy on a workstation or PC at the office and proceed to roll-out the rest and train the users.


“What Can Possibly Go Wrong?”

One must ponder what can go wrong. Many time’s customers have chosen software packages that are overly costly with more features than are required. In other cases, the software is too difficult to install. Worst of all, we have dealt with clients who purchase software and the vendor does not offer any customer service thus leaving the end-user on their own. All of these situations will leave end-users confused, frustrated, dismayed and, in some cases, at a financial loss.

“How can an IT Professional or IT Consultant Make a Difference?”

Yes. General Data will normally alleviate any issues by first conducting a no-obligation, on-site assessment. The assessment is always offered on a complimentary basis.

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